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03-12-2012, 12:02 PM
Originally Posted by lomax6996
So thrilled to hear this and SO looking forward to seeing it! I have been waiting most of my life for this movie! I first read EBR's Barsoom novels as a kid back in the '60's. Actually Tarzan was the least of his creations. There's also Carson of Venus and the world of Pellucidar... the world at the center of the Earth. In one of his novels, in fact, Tarzan journey's to Pellucidar. But John Carter was always my hero. And his books introduced me to another concept that was rather novel in those days (novel... get it? heheheh) and that was the strong warrior woman who was the equal of any man and a man/woman relationship based on friendship and mutual trust and respect and equality. It changed my whole outlook! From that day on no lesser woman would do heheheheh (and I found her and we've been together for over 25 years!)

Rest assured that Dejah Thoris can hold her own and stays sexxy and femine and believably tough.