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03-12-2012, 12:13 PM
Number 1:
Cloaked Intentions - great new environments, good use of cut scenes, cannon music, epic voice-overs, and the introduction of new gameplay, such as shuttle missions and the arena combat experience. Utilizing the TOS battle music in the arena was terrific. The story was also very well written and made sense in the overarching Trek universe

Number 2:
The Devidians - the addition of new graphic sets to the game, namely the TOS interiors, introduced through the use of time travel was a great addition to the game. The "What Lies Beneath" episode was terrific and was the introduction of new environments that we hadn't seen before in the game, in terms of lighting and ambience. The first time seeing the Devidian effect was neat, as this was also the introduction of a new element that we hadn't seen in game to that point.

Number 3:
The 2800 - really enjoyed all of the episodes, especially episodes four and five. Episode four introduced a new interior package to the game, which was very well constructed by the environment artists. The computer voiceovers were really well done as well - the whole prison setup showed a lot of imagination with respect to an element of the Federation that was never really explored. Episode five offered new gameplay through the space-walking and incorporating cut-scene events into the mission, such as the cut-scene ship battles impacting the gameplay environment. The environment artists did a great job of the Bajor zone, and the diplmatic aspect of this mission appealed to me. I liked the new 'voting system' for dialogue boxes, that moderated dialogue progression in the team enviroet. What was generally lacking from this series, was polish. There were many bugs in the missions when they were released, such as team play issues, some team members not seeing cut-scenes while others did, NPCs being non-existent in some cut-scenes or sinking into the floor etc.

This series was among my favorites, but the lack of polish prior to the release of the episode lowered this otherwise epic series in my rating.

Number 4:
The Breen series. Also a fun tie-in to TOS and TNG story lines. A very strong story with new assets in the game - but the first in the episode run, so no new epic environments or additions to gameplay.

OVERALL, the featured episodes are my favorite part of of this game, and what keeps me coming back. I really, really hope that they were successful enough to convince Cryptic to ramp-up their production of these

Thanks, Cryptic!!