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03-12-2012, 12:33 PM
I just want to point something out, here.

"Do not enter unless you know what you're doing." <--- How are they supposed to know what they're doing if... they... can't enter?

This, good friends, is what is called "catch-22".

Now, I'm not saying total idiots should be doing Elites. Even if you know the game well, you shouldn't just jump right in, and you should know the Normal version very well before you move up to Elite.


Knowing the Normal version does not equate to being awesome at the Elite version. This is important. This is very important and you need to remember it.

It is a good head-start, but that's all it is.

Moving up to Elite is a whole different ballgame. Everything is harder. Someone who did great on Normal might still get their backside kicked on Elite. (Similarly, you could get some natural genius who takes cues well and does a good job on Elite without ever even touching Normal, but that's even stranger).

My point is, just because someone screws up on their first Elite, that's no reason to tear them down - that's the kind of thing that turns people off Elites and scares people away from the 'endgame community' forever, and that is a crying shame, because you never know when you're turning away someone who, with a little teaching and patience, could be one of the best.

So rather than chew out anyone who screws up, try to help. Don't be condescending, don't be insulting, don't be demanding. Try to help. Try to teach. Try to remember, we were all noobs once.

And if they don't want to learn? Then you can chew them out. Because then they're being willfully ignorant, and willful ignorance is for jerks.

P.S. if this is about joining random pub Elites and expecting it to be anything other than random pubbies who have no knowledge of each other and no idea how to work together... what the heck did you expect? It's pubbies.