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03-12-2012, 12:38 PM
I think your delivery could be better but I agree with what your saying.

I've done plenty of normalls and a good number of elites, not 100's but enough to know how to do each one and stand a good chance of actually doing it.

really bugs me when someone comes in and doesn't listen to advice/help/requests AT ALL!!

Or does something that will fail the optional right away with such urgancy its like they think its the objective.

I think the elite should only unlock after something like 5 complete optionals on a given stf that way at least they might know what they are doing and probably have some suitable gear.

the fact that most normalls are done in a different way to the elites doesn't help. My first couple of elites I thought I knew exacltly how do it based on bossing normalls only to find out that method was actually pretty stupid and doomed to fail.