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Originally Posted by Aries2507 View Post
Generally speaking based on the show's division specific coloration can be designated in the following way:

* Command & Tactical Red
- for any "flag" ship (if you are carrying the UFP flag on your hull
- Any and all Tactical officers

* Operations & Security Gold
- Tugs, engineering support craft
- Refit & Repair Starbase (eg: utopia etc.)
- Transport & Freight ships
- Planetary & System Security patrol ships/shuttles

* Science & Medical Blue/Teal
- non combat Science ship
- Non combat survey ship
- Medical support craft (but oddly not hospital ships)

* Flag officer White
- Captains dress uniform
- Admiralty command uniform (though some still wear red with white highlights)

From what i can see in Memory Alpha and Memory Beta it appears to come under the simple heading of if you are a ships Captain it is expected for you to wear Command Red but below the rank of Lt Commander you generally stick to your division colour regardless of your current command role, the only real exception to this was Lt.Commander Worfs switch from gold to red but in that case he switched from Head of Security (gold) to a Tactical and operations officer (Red) which does stick to known canon.
The entire Admiralty on the other hand has the choice to pretty much wear what they want to but its seems to be primarily dependant on there role at any given time eg: the Admiral in charge research and development on Utopia Planitia can wear red as a flag office or white as an Admiral or simply wear gold if his prior specialty was in engineering.

I hope this helps it did take a little research but anything to help the immersion factor is a good thing.

Of course if you like the proper original TOS color schemes, it's

Command/Operations: Gold
Engineering/Security: Red (hence the term 'Redfshirt')
Science/Medical: Blue