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03-12-2012, 01:50 PM
Originally Posted by doomsday_ger
Hi There,

i'm looking for a good way to get fleet Information out of the system.

Now i checked out the XMPP Protokol and it work's fine for chat. private messages and guild/fleet chat etc...

But is there any way to fire commands like "/guid_info" or "/guild_who" from outside the game?

i really like to get a list of all current chars in our fleet without copy and paste them out of the game.
Is there a way to??

The best way would be off course a php-api or a xml export via website like other games do.

Is there anything i can use for it (i'm sure many fleet leader will love to get such a feature)?

looking forward to hear from you.....

This would be nice as I'm working on a project to link the chat with my Fleet's IRC room and being able to do stuff like this inside my project would be cool.