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03-12-2012, 02:09 PM
I've been catching the poor box office analysis, too. As far as behind the scenes goes, the name Disney might have had negative impact on the overall production. But I'm also reading about advance screenings that seemed to have panned the movie in some circles. Some of today's analysis suggest the film had no redeeming qualities from the start. To which I have to firmly call BS and poke a stick in some peoples eye. :p

I would be thrilled to see this film bounce back in the face of the negativity.

Now something that does occur to me is that this film is released in 3D. As an unproven film series, that may be the real reason for film goers to look askance at it. I think the ticket prices are too darned high for 3D. I admittedly went out of my way to see it in 2D at a matinee. Once I saw how good the film was, I have intention to see the film again. Maybe even in 3D.