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03-12-2012, 03:23 PM
I am a Captain, with a Defiant Escort...

I put a full set of MKVIII Jem Hader equipment on my little Defiant...

Jem'Hadar Combat Impulse Engines

Jem'Hadar Deflector Dish
Jem'Hader Phased Polaron Dual Cannon x2

I repeated several missions numerous times to get a full set, as when I started doing these missions, I was the Commander Rank and originally received two of the MK VI versions which I put on my Akira/Thunderchild Refit, but then I hit my Captain Rank and gained a new ship...

I even did Boldy They Rode, twice in one night so I could get Dual cannons on my Defiant; along with the dual Quantum Torpedoes on the fore that I picked up on the Exchange..

I can say...

I am quite impressed!

I have taken down Marauder Battleships, D'deridex Battleships; all within a matter of seconds!

Originally, in my Akira/Thunderchild refit Escort with max-level MK VI gear loaded on Commander rank; these ships were difficult fights for me; and now I tear through them as though they were empty aluminum cans!

Unfortunately, by the time I may hit the Lower Half Admiralty Rank; I suspect these episodes will no longer be available and I will not be able to acquire a higher teir in equipment for my next rank ship....

Also, before I added the dual Polaron Cannons; I was running a pair of Dual Phaser Heavy's; maxed MK VIII Purples that I grabbed from the Exchange; and replaced my Phaser Relay console with the Polaron Phase Modulator console; and my Polaron's are much, much better!