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Originally Posted by cjc75 View Post
Unfortunately, by the time I may hit the Lower Half Admiralty Rank; I suspect these episodes will no longer be available and I will not be able to acquire a higher teir in equipment for my next rank ship....
The missions are permanent. They aren't going anywhere. The only thing that is going away after the 19th is the ability to earn the Shard of Possibilities. All the other rewards will continue to be present in the game. My guess is they will move them to the end of the Cardassian Struggle arc of missions.

Keep in mind the Devidian series, Breen series, and Romulan series were all Featured Episodes at one point or another. Each time the missions were left in the game. The Devidian series' limited time reward was the Ophidian Cane, the Breen was a Breen tactical bridge officer, and the Romulans offered a Reman scientific bridge officer. Those were the only rewards that aren't available at the current time. All the other rewards from those series are still available.