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03-12-2012, 05:05 PM
Originally Posted by dkshadow9498
I disagree, I've done the mission 4 times so far, and the only time I have had any trouble in the space portion, was when I popped BFAW at the start, BIG mistake.. The rest of the fleet has 1 job, to hold aggro... all you do is go in and start picking off ships 1 by one, once the fleet thins out, you can start firing off BFAW and Spread to your heart's content.

But if you do ANY kind of AoE right at the start, you're in trouble.
Pretty much this - on my first runthrough I popped a Frrdback pulse and FAW - and the return fire on me was MASSIVE (and a result of me just thinking - hey it's STO - even on Elite I rarely feel challenged; lets just spam DPS and get this over with.)

So, yes, O was actually happy that they didn't just give us a final battle that was NOT'spam as much DPS and AoE and just mop up'; as if you try that out of the gate the Jem Hadar fleet will be all too happy tp light you up and blow you away in short order.

On my second run, I took a look at what was arund - started picking off ships singly as they became more damaged and got things pretty much under control by the time the Big-E showed up