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03-12-2012, 06:25 PM
finally started rebuilding my engineering characters, been playing nothing but my tactical ones for months. my kdf and starfleet engineers both still had all their skill points undistributed from the final skill tree changes! great for loading into tribble and trying things out with though. better get them in shape before the FE reward expires.

im just a cruiser fan, i have had great success in an escort, but i just keep ending up with my characters back in cruisers. my tac excelsior dealing between 3000 and 1500 a shot with 8 beams when fully buffed melts things so well, and i have all that survivability with 2x EPtS, ET2, A2S3, RSP2, TSS2, and HE1. RSP2 and ET2 would switch places to RSP1 and ET3 provided i ever get a response from "could anyone train ET3 please?" at DS9 and space dock. i swear that hasn't worked since F2P happened.

so my fed engineer is in a galaxy R, i think its kinda hip to fly one now, the odyssey has assumed the im a noob mantra the galaxy R had. love the ship, but its far from optimal stations and terrible turn rate are so unfortunate. ive made it work, with its stats all it can be are an impenetrable tank and healer. it will never deal damage, best it can seem to do is 1000- 500 damage a shot with 8 beams. my kdf is basically a clone of this build in a neg var, only it deals more damage with its 3rd tactical console. since it has more built in weapons power, im able to run 2xEPtA1 instead of weapons, quite helpful for those heals.

still deals more damage then about 75% of the other cruisers i see in stfs, and i regularly placed second and third in damage on the pvp scoreboards. you would think that with all the "kirks" and "The Dragon Flagship" flying around that my dedicated healer with 2 tactical consoles wouldn't be dealing better damage then them, i must just know how to play! its amazing just how HARD escorts gun for me, i must suck if im flying this thing, it must be so frustrating when i simply won't die, and can run almost as fast as they can.

skills are as follows
EPtW1, RSP1, EWP1, A2S3 in stfs, for pvp EPtW1, RSP1, A2S2, ES3
EPtW1, EPtS2, ET3


im stfs i run 2 netronium, 1 monotonium, and 1 anti plasma/tetryon armor with my green mk12 [turn]
engine and blue mk11 deflector that's nothing but + to hull repair and shield hp. might swap this with 3 part borg eventually, a lot of grinding still needed for that, a lot of this equipment is from season 3 and 4. with the points i put into threat control, literally ever borg npc targets ONLY me, but this build can take it. if i cant contribute meaningful dps, i can at least tank 3 or 4 spheres and let the dps'er do their job without interference.

in pvp its 2 netronium, borg and sep console slotted for engineering with 2 flow cap consoles and omega deflector and engine for maximum shield damaging with the glider. so far im happy with it, ive saved many asses in the pubs ive played.

at least when it inevitably gets boring not doing the killing i can swap back to my tacticals and 'kirk' it up, with actual success, as i see fit!