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# 1 VA looking for fleet
03-12-2012, 06:42 PM
Hi everyone

I'm playing a Tact VA Vulcan female.
I'm playing STO for 2 months, and I'm a gold member.
I achieved VA rank in 2 weeks.
I have 7k+ accolades points.
max level for crafting achieved.
Full purple Mk XI ground equipment
Full Mk XI purple ship weapons on an odyssey.

storyline fully completed several times.
I'm making daily missions, and like to do some game event.
I'm able to play 12 hours or more daily, or sometimes just a few hours, as I also play another MMO at same time. (I have already played in a lot of mmo and rce game)
I'm not interested in pvp.
Until now I played STO using this forum for info and reading stowiki.

But now I'm interested in making stf (never tried yet) and think it's better with fleet members

I'm looking for a fleet for pleasure of playing STO, not competition, even if I would like to complete all accolades.
I'm willing and able to help player with lower lvl doing mission, be part of fleet life.

But I'm not interested in fleet with too many obligations, fleet with member that does not respect others.
no teamspeak for me.
I live in GMT+1 timezone, seems to be UTC+6. but as I said I play a lot of hours a day, so I'll be online also on other timezone than mine.

If you are interested in my profile present yourself here or in pm.
I've read already a little bit of some fleet topic, but it's hard to determine wich one could be interesting to be part of it. I've been in a very good soc (equivalent of fleet) in an other game that my requirement are, I must admit, high.

Languages : English and French