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03-12-2012, 07:40 PM
I believe it was at 300+ when I started. It was not long until it was down in the 150s. Then it muddled its way back up to the 200s. It shows at 236 now, but I saw it go above 240 recently.

It's been interesting to watch, to say the least. It's also fun to do the math to see what hourly wage PWE/Cryptic is paying folks to farm Dilithium to that folks that buy CP to exchange for Dil can.

The math may be off because of how broken PvP's become and the effect it may have had on Ker'rat; but a decent guesstimate had been around 45 minutes for 8K - could be faster, could be slower, etc.

@236 Dil/CP, you're getting 33 CP from that 8k. Have to round down, since they're not going to round

@100 CP for $1.25, you're looking at around 41 for your 33 CP....around 54 an hour to farm Dilithium for PWE/Cryptic so they can sell it for cash.

The Federal Minimum Wage is $7.25 an hour. That would be around 580 CP. Given that we're looking at a 45 minute interval rather than hourly, we'd need 435 CP from our 45 minutes of Dil farming. So in order for it to approximate the FMW, the exchange rate would have to be around 18-19 Dil per CP.

Yep, definitely fun to look at...