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# 1 Consumable Transwarp Coils....
03-12-2012, 10:11 PM
But I noticed in the D-Store that you can purchase consumable transwarp coils that alllow a one per use jump to virtually any sector. My lament is that they are not permanent.

I'm a VA with a fully decked out ship and character and BOFFs in all end game gear. I'm racking up dilithium but don't really want to spend anyway that you could make the abilities permanant?

Say if I have to pay 32,000 per coil, that coil when consumed gives me the ability to always be able to jump to sector blah blah blah. If I want to add another sector; get another 32,000 Dilithium, wash, rinse, repeat. It will give me something to work towards grinding the purple rock.

Pretty please? With sugar on top?

(Winky face)