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03-12-2012, 10:32 PM
Originally Posted by dribyelruh View Post
  • 30s seems like a pretty big number to start out with. Maybe 15-20 would be a better number, and increase further if needed?
  • Does this need to effect scramble as well? SS is already quite a bit weaker than it used to be, and is very expensive to spec into with the new skill tree. The issue wasn't really scramble as much as it was AMS. Maybe either remove the immunity from SS, or have it give a far shorter one?
30 seconds is equal to the amount of time that it takes for the debuff-healing abilities (Sci, Eng, and Tac teams) to cool down. In other words, it looks like the 30 second immunity was deliberately set so that they can not be hit with the same debuff again until their ability to heal it has also recovered. I think the intent is to reduce the occurance of of "oh $%#@ I'm disabled and still have to wait ten seconds more before I can recover, and pray that I don't get shot to death before then".