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03-13-2012, 01:21 AM
I got into a debate with Branflakes over this in chat a few days ago.

Simply put, the Devs say it's worth the 32,000 Dilithum because you can go to ANY zone. But yet, with mission transwarps you can have access to almost any zone for the cost anywhere between 100 to 32000 EC. And the zones you cannot have instant access too (Feds it's Omega Leonis, and Klingons it's Sirius and Iota Pavonis), it's viritually a short hop from a nearby transwarp locations.

So is these Consumable Transwarps worth it? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

If they lowered the price to 1000 DL, then I think it would be fairer in price, but not 32,000 Dilithium, which can take hardcore grinders a couple of days to get back or weeks for a casual player.

So save your DL and use mission and diplomatic / maruader transwarps, it's more efficient.