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03-13-2012, 02:00 AM
Originally Posted by Radkip View Post
Ground PvP isn't *that* bad. It certainly needs some work, like the one-shot-from-stealth tactical captains, healing being a bit too strong (I admit, I'm guilty of this because I run a healer set-up. But it's fun.) and some of the more bizarre weapons out there, like that chain lightning gun which hits around corners.

The biggest problem with ground pvp is that it is not fun for pug groups. You need a pre-made and established group, otherwise your chances of succeeding are a complete crapshoot, even if they other team is just as badly set up.
I should have elaborated. I do not enjoy FPS-like games. Ground PvP is FPS-like.

It would not matter if STO Ground PvP was the best FPS combat out there... they could not pay me $15 a month to play it.

Heck, 12 some years ago - we ran a ST-EF server over in the IT department and would stay late on Friday's to play... FPS-like games are simply not my thing.