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03-13-2012, 03:36 AM
Originally Posted by virusdancer
I should have elaborated. I do not enjoy FPS-like games. Ground PvP is FPS-like.

It would not matter if STO Ground PvP was the best FPS combat out there... they could not pay me $15 a month to play it.

Heck, 12 some years ago - we ran a ST-EF server over in the IT department and would stay late on Friday's to play... FPS-like games are simply not my thing.
Question, and I'm honestly asking here - have you tried RPG mode combat? It's much more like the ship combat as opposed to Elite Force.

Insofar as PVP goes, in STO (and CO, for that matter), I avoid it like the plague. If I wanted to play a game where the be-all-end-all of PVP combat was alpha strikes, I'd go back to MechWarrior 4 multiplayer.