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03-13-2012, 02:53 AM
Originally Posted by Kant_Lavar
Question, and I'm honestly asking here - have you tried RPG mode combat? It's much more like the ship combat as opposed to Elite Force.

Insofar as PVP goes, in STO (and CO, for that matter), I avoid it like the plague. If I wanted to play a game where the be-all-end-all of PVP combat was alpha strikes, I'd go back to MechWarrior 4 multiplayer.
To an extent, you touch upon it there with the speed of it. More so than the controls, is what defines it for me.

The ship PvP to me (outside of those few instances) are fun affairs of back and forth. The ground PvP is pop, pop, dead, respawn or pop, pop, target's dead, next target...etc.