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03-13-2012, 05:01 AM
Now back to the topic of the original post.

I do not think this game has been consistently administrated enough in 2 years to really get a good gauge of what it is. I think calling it gamist is giving it too much credit. The hopes and plans of what the game was in development changed by launch day. The hopes and plans of what the game launched as changed by day 45. The hopes and plans of what the game was going to be in that first year changed by the second year. And so on and so forth.

This game has had too many leaders, too many cooks spoiling the soup, and far too many changes at the top level of decision making for me to think it can fit one of the molds the OP describes.

EDIT: I'll cite an example. Ships, specifically ship design with weapon slots, console slots and BOFF layout. The game had a very specific setup of evolution for all of those things on launch day. And it tapped out with the Admiral tier of ships that each had two alternatives that went into one specific non-profession BOFF ensign. So Science had two choices, one choice with an ENG ensign and one choice with a TAC ensign. It was balanced.

Then came the SPECIAL ships. The retrofits and the Galaxy X. They decided to break the mold with those. Now if you remember, the Galaxy X wasn't even supposed to exist. The ship artist, Logan, stated he did the design on his own time as a treat for himself and the players. Something he did as extra. And it was taken by the designers of the nuts and bolts and they ran with it. Breaking the mold of the launch day balance. And since then the system has been continually mudflated. Till we get to today. With the new flagships coming out as +1 flagships. And the ship designer Geko stating that he's running or has run out of ... options on how to continually build up these new ships.

They didn't initially plan for the system to work the way it ended up working.

They're not gamist. They're just people flying by the seat of their pants. They didn't think 2 years in that their ship layouts would be a trap that they couldn't even design their way out of.