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03-13-2012, 06:06 AM
My opinion falls in between you and Liviathan. I do believe that there are some consistant things to the IP but I do agree that many see the IP with there own slant epecially on this board. What bothers me is that I get the impression that a few people take 2 or 3 episodes of TNG in isolation and declare that to be what STAR TREK IS. When the fact is Star Trek is not just sun shinny , pacifist , over the top socilaist ulra biased 3 or 4 episodes of TNG. It is a totatality of all the series and episodes. It is an extremely complex show. Many people want to say that Trek is all about diversity and all Starfleet captains are carbon copies of one another that all AGREE WITH ME!!!!! LOL. Um that doesnt sound like diversity to me at all.
We all know that isnt true if you watch all the shows. We all know that the characters and political climate are just as diverse and complex as they are today. Its just that humanity has evolved to a better point and are more capable of governing themselves in more fair ways without killing each other over every resource.

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Which does not answer the question of what are the consistent elements of the Star Trek IP that Star Trek Online does not represent...

...if they are only offered some vague statement that they are not representing the IP, how could they ever represent it?