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03-13-2012, 07:42 AM
Originally Posted by Darren_Kitlor
Why do people assume all alien species must be mammals?

Do non-mammalian species need breasts?
There's no theoretical reason why they shouldn't need them.

It depends entirely on the method of procreation, for the most part, and whether or not they've evolved beyond that capacity or not in some fashion.

If Species A produces live young, unless it has some other method or capability of feeding said young, then some biological method with which to do so is necessitated by the half of the species required to handle that function - what that is can vary wildly. There's a staggering amount of variation that can occur, so long as the young gets food somehow.

Eggs-laying (or similar methods of procreation) get around this by having an extended period of incubation and growth that produces offspring that is mostly self-sufficient upon hatching from the egg, though it still needs protection (in most cases) until it properly matures. While it may be able to digest more 'adult' food, it may also need some assistance in actually gathering that food.

Fish and insects for the most part tend to demonstrate that you can get around all that with necessary methods evolving (generally by producing offspring in bulk so that the loss of any one individual infant is insignificant as long as enough of them survive to continue propagation of the species).

There's absolutely nothing saying that an alien reptile couldn't give birth to live young and thereby grow some reptile equivalent of breasts, or that an alien mammal could lay eggs or reproduce by budding, and so forth.

Do non-mammals need breasts? No. Technically speaking, neither do mammals. However, for ease of identification on-screen, it tends to help get the idea across that 'THIS IS A CHICK' when you add breasts, no matter whatever reason you have for them developing. That's just how the human mind works. Nevermind that it's easier to model and/or design costumes for (et. all) for reasons mentioned previously.