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03-13-2012, 09:07 AM
That's all good and well, but the harcore STF people need to realise that every single PUG may contain someone who is doing it on Elite for the first time and may still get overwhelmed even if they know what they are doing.

If your strategy is not flexible enough to include the idea of Free Will (including other peoples 'Lack of skil' ), then perhaps it is not as strong a strategy as you think.

If you don't understand why Free Will is important for a healthy society (including online Communities), then that is a pity.

If you do, then simply rework your strategy.

May I politely suggest starting with realising hat you will not be able to get every single STF pick up ever, simply because if other people are involved then there are random factors that you cannot predict, and then accepting that fact?

Don't make it about "I can get it all the drops", make it about "How many drops can I get on average per play, with this 'handicap'?" If you are truly that skilled, you should be able to compensate. If you aren't skilled enough to compensate for that, then you have a new goal.

( I am not trying to be smarmy, I ran across a similar issue in Guild Wars, and that was the only thing that helped me stop raging.)