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I do not mean to sound argumentative or anything like that. I am asking this earnestly.

I have been playing STO since before launch, and I seriously wonder this: Why has PvP been the like the unwanted step-child of STO for so long?

In two years pvp has not gotten one bit of new content.

In two years the devs have not created any incentive for players to play pvp.

In two years we have heard many times that there were great things coming for pvp, but then it never happens.

Why are there no rewards for pvp gameplay like there are in every other aspect of the game? (ie: items sets, boffs, unique items)

Why have I seen bugs/glitches reported in the pvp section of the forums and go ignored for weeks, then get immediate attention when the same bug is reported in the general feedback or PvE section?

All of these things tend to make pvp seem more like an after-thought and not as important, despite the fact that there are a lot of players (especially at max level) that play STO primarily for pvp. (for example: in my fleet alone there are 68 active members in our "Tactical Division", which means that space pvp is their primary reason for playing STO)

So my question is simply, why has it been this way? Why does the pvp'er seem to be the "less important customer" even though we pay the same amount to play as any other customer? If the answer is "I don't know.", or "we hate pvp", then so be it. I am just asking for an honest answer to a legitimate question.