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Originally Posted by Aries2507 View Post
now forgive me for being obtuse but how exactly would you tell a female gorn from a male one given that they happen to be a reptilian species thus no mammary glands and no recognizable secondary sexual characteristics.

so in effect Gorn females and Gorn males are pretty much identical bar possibly muscle bulk which if we are sticking to known reptilian characteristics the female would be bigger and much more aggressive.

who knows that Gorn tactical officer you thought was male may well be a mommy
Reptiles usually do have some kind of characteristics that allow you to differentiate between male ans female, but it's just a lot different from what we may be used to from what we're more familiar with

from here:

"Lacertid lizards exhibit sexual dimorphism in size corrected values for abdomen (always larger in females) and head (larger in males) lengths[...]"

from here:

so in theory they'd have a whole lot of possibilities when creating females from species that are far less similar to us than for example the Vulcans or Klingons.