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03-13-2012, 10:47 AM
Originally Posted by PWE_BranFlakes
I would recommend listening to some of the recent interviews with dStahl -- he mentions PvP quite often, and, as a PvP player, the news is pretty exciting.


Brandon =/\=
With all due respect, Brandon, Dan has said a lot of things about a lot of... uhm... things, which have never manifested themselves. It's not necessarily his fault as he does not control the purse strings for hiring people that would make those things possible. He and Jack Emmert are very good at opening their mouths and telling us about all the cool stuff STO will have. The same result has proven true for both of them: We're still waiting.

And as I said above, what he talks about is a new system slated for release in Season 6. We don't need a new system. We need new content for the system we already have.

Get your bosses at PWE to loosen the purse strings andn hire a team of content designers, which is what SHOULD have been done the first day PW took over, get them trained as quickly as possible and put them to work.

Content is king here. Content, my friend... Content...