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03-13-2012, 11:27 AM
Originally Posted by CaptainQuirk View Post
Hey I'm all for that.

So how about spear-heading an effort on our behalf to get the Foundry updated with bug fixes, new features and new resources to work with. Give us access to all the maps in the game, all the props in the game, and all the uniforms and ship models in the game.

If you guys cannot be bothered to release official content regularly enough that we don't have to run the same dailies, STFs, PvP battles and DOff assignments over and over and over and over, then at least give us the tools to produce missions for our fleet mates and/or the general player population.

A lot of us would really like to explore the Foundry as you say. But there are still enough issues with it to make it counter productive. People get one-starred because of bugs that you guys refuse to fix. And as I understand it, the neverwinter foundry is getting all these cool features that STO's foundry likely will never see. And there's no telling when that game will come out. This one is here, and it gets so little support.

A featured series that lasts five weeks is cool. But when it has to be followed by half a year of nothing but repetition, it really isn't a solution.

To Perfiect World:
You guys need to direct Cryptic to either fix and update the foundry so we CAN explore it to its potential, or to get off their butts and start releasing regular content. With all those lottery box keys you guys sold, you should be able to afford to fully staff the team for a full year and make available whatever resources they need to get either of the above jobs done. Deploy whatever cash grabs you want to. But take enough of the profits and funnel them back into STO's development.
I think that many of your points are shared by others, but there have been recent developments. According to Dstahl (unless he's having more fun just speculating), there will be Foundry updates with season 6.

The gears have shifted from F2P to something else, which includes updates, assets, and new features. There will also be Foundry spotlights, promoted by Cryptic, unless the will for that has disappeared.

We had a conference call with the devs. It's at sbugc.

There have also been interviews with hopeful tidbits.

And, for the first time in ages, we are seeing some Foundry-related fixes showing up on tribble. It's actually kind of funny. H20rat made a mission and it suffered from a bug that has plagued authors forever. 3 or 4 days later, we finally got a fix. He is also voicing our concerns behind the scenes.

And the biggest sign of hope is Dstahl admitting what was painfully obvious. Having a different team work on the Foundry, while STO devs ignore it or break it was not working. The STO team now has a hand in their own Foundry, which is a good sign.

I'm guessing though that our support team consists of the following:

A mystery dev who is learning code.
H20rat, who was tasked with viewing the Foundry from an author's perspective.
A few devs who routinely migrate back to STO's toolset and say, "Oh, yeah, we could have fixed that, but we ran out of time. Maybe if I have some free time tomorrow.."
BranFlakes, who is organizing PR related things like contest and spotlights.
Dstahl, who now has a better working knowledge and appreciation of the toolset and its potential.

So, there is our support network for season 6. It's certainly an improvement, even though the majority of devs probably pay little attention to the Foundry.