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03-13-2012, 11:30 AM
Originally Posted by Kirkfat View Post
You know, I've long been opposed to this idea. There are obvious reasons why it's just plain unethical to milk the authors who are adding content to the game for free, when they've been getting almost no support during the past year.

But, when I think about this realistically, taking into account my perceptions of both Cryptic and PW.... monetizing the Foundry might be the only reliable way to see constant updates, bug fixes, asset additions and support.

However, the Foundry community is fairly small, compared to the total player base.

I wonder if they could somehow monetize it player-side.
I'm still against the idea. Its bad enough that practically all new content comes out from player made missions as it is, but having to pay even more for the privilege of doing their jobs for them? No thank you.