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03-13-2012, 11:39 AM
Doff..., Doff..., DOff'ing...

I want Purples and I want them NAOW... !!

And if I can't have them, I'm gonna hold my breath till I Turn Purple...
then take a pic of it and upload it into your doff roster.

extremely rare purple troll officer - gives bonuses to missions involving taking dilithium from people traveling over bridges

Originally Posted by Doblinian View Post
Are you going to call every downtime between FEs "content drought"?
While the next FE is coming at the end of the year, there are still other forms of playable content that may come up in the meantime, like the Borg Invasion.
borg invasion constantly for a year? I wouldn't call that something to do

And you know, Foundry resource packs could be sold on the C-store
who in their right mind would pay a company to make content for them?