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03-13-2012, 11:47 AM
Originally Posted by CaptainQuirk View Post
It's hard to trust a company that has promised so much and delivered so little, with every promise having a "soon" or "next season" attached.

Lack of content exists now. Not in Season 6. Now. So a solution should be implemented now.

It is as I have said before, if even half of the effort put towards the cash grab mechanics that have been added to the game since going F2P were applied to supporting the game itself, the game would be twice what it is.

Stop worrying so much about making money. If you make a solid product, the money will come.

But PWE seems to want to make as much money with as little effort as possible. After the lottery box fiasco so many people have opened their eyes as to what game PW is playing. I predict that the next cash grab will not be nearly as successful. And the one that follows after that one, even less so. People do want stuff. But they also want a game to use that stuff in. And as they run out of content (those who are new to the game) they will see less and less of a point to buying stuff.

What will happen when the cash grabs stop grabbing the cash? Will PW finally take game content seriously? Or will they just shut STO down and use it as a tax write-off.

I don't speak for everyone. But I know I am not just speaking for myself when I say, "I'm tired of waiting."

I'm not buying a single C-point or subscribing to the game until serious effort gets put into making the GAME worth spending money on. Because as far as I am concerned, right now, with its severe lack in content, it is not.

I know that Cryptic can do good work. When they DO release playable content, it is pretty darned good. As a silver, I would pay the C-point equivilant of a month's subscription to unlock access to the next featured episode series. But I will not pay for fluff.
I just want to voice an opposite concern. I of course support more content, but not with the price of server stability. I beg Cryptic to always put the stability of the server above the need for something. I also want to ask Cryptic if they would post something on the forums every once in a while saying "we have this new content that we are going to be putting live soon, and we need to stress test it, would say....300 of our avid fans jump over to tribble and actually test this for like 5 hours straight with some stress involved on the server" that way when it's brought live, it doesn't crash us I of course would volunteer for this wholeheartedly, and with Cryptics encouragement I'm sure that many others would take a few hours out of there normal play time to help the cause.