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03-13-2012, 01:30 PM
Originally Posted by CaptainQuirk View Post
And as I said above, what he talks about is a new system slated for release in Season 6. We don't need a new system. We need new content for the system we already have.
From what I heard on STOked, that's exactly what the new tech is for: the ability to set up maps with PvP objectives easily. Once they have that in the codebase, creating new PvP content will be a more worthwile time investment than it is now.

I just hope that by the time they manage to do that, there will still be a PvP experience to care about, because no amount of content or features can make up for a core experience that is unenjoyable and unfair. The direction Cryptic seems to be taking with selling power in the C-Store (the chancebox ships and the new flagship variants obsoleting other ships of their type on one hand, and the general power creep caused by all the non-T5 console powers being usable in all ships on the other) has been putting off more and more players lately.

For me, PvP is the most engaging part of the game, even as limited as it is. But I will not put up with getting nickel-and-dimed to stay competitive. If the only options presented to me will be to gimp myself or to become part of the problem, I'll most likely take the third option and leave STO altogether.