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Red and Yellow alerts: Be sure your crew is ready early. Sound the alert when you feel danger is close. but to many false alarms will lead to a lower crew morale.

Weapons: Install armorys so your crew can fight of boarders better, and what type of weapons that your crew will use.

Torpedoes: Choose how many you want your ship to carry. Smaller ships may not have room for as many and you will need to demolish a few holodecks to make room for the bays. when you dock at a space station you requsition new ones and filles the empty spaces in your bays. Here you can also place consoles that effect how your torpedoes work. Have your Dutyofficers install it and later upgrade the launchers for you.

Shuttlebays: Choose type and number of bays and what kind of crafts that the hold. Larger bays can carry larger or more shuttles, while smaller bays need less seized or just one shuttle depending on the size of your ship. Add workerbees to improve hull repair of you or an ally. Choosing from diffrent types of shuttles and pick the one most suitable for the task or mission ahead. Or just take a joyride and look at your ship or other planets. Or take a inspection pod and do a survey of the status of your hull. Spotting potential damage early improves your shipīs durance. Or if you use boarding party skills, equip your bays with shuttles suited for the task.
When you get back to dock, you might need to restock on shuttles. (We all know those have a tendancy to wanna blow up and crash.)

Spacewalk: I just have to bring this up after the great FE. Why donīt go for a walk instead of a shuttle. All kinds off mission ideas can easally be found for this area.

Transporters: Adding more and more advanced transporterrooms and better scanners/targeting systems will increase all stats regarding transformer based operations. Increased range and faster transporter times. chose how many transporterrooms you want and how many pads on each platform.
Also here an oppertunity for slotting consoles and new equimpment.

Cargo bays: Cargo bays are needed to store the stuff you bring up to your ship. Chose typ and size to fit in your ship and if they can be converted to carry a large number of refuges or injures.

Enviromental systems: Diffrent types of systems and in diffrens marks will change the performance of your crew, and allow for exotic aliens to be your guests. Slot consoles here for emergency forcefields so your crew donīt get sucked out into space.
Lifesupport falls under this category. Make sure you have a stable system, or your crew starts to slumber and die shortly after takeoff.
Also, make sure to have lights in your ship.

Damage: Give greater and more info when you take damage. Have your dutyofficers repair it. display repairtime, and damage state. Add more people to the task and the gear would get fixed faster.

Ship readyness: Have meeting and display the efficency of your ship and crew. Learn here what needs to be done and where to correct problems and lears what departments need overhauls.
Get weekly reports from your crew about your ship and what you need to know in order to scheduale diffrent tasks.

Escape pods: choose from several diffrent types. When you find one that fits your ship in a good way, is will go faster to evacuate your crew. Leeding to more alive and able crew when you respawn.

Sensors: chose from diffrent types and pick the one most suitable for your proffession and ship. Science vessels may need more advanced -and more sensor pallets then a defiant class, that need senors more tuned to combat.
Equip consoles here and have your dutyofficers install or upgrade them.
Science ships can for example pick up anamolys that other playsers cant or gain more from the minigame...

Exterior custimazation: Chose where to put your weaponsbays and arrays to adjust to your own way of fighting. Maybe you still cannot have more the four weaponslots fore and aft, but your arc is more addaptable.
Chose how many tratorbeams to put on your ship. More emitters will lead to a better functioning tractorsystem.
Chose how many sensor pallets and where to put them to suit your gamestyle and needs.
Select where, (maybe in sensorpallets) and how many sensors and recivers you need for the transporters.
Structual Integrety field. chose type and streaght to fit your ship. Tanks need more integrety than an DPS.
This will directly change stats, depening of how many supportbeams and struts you have placed inside your ship.
The more communication arrays that you chose to have, the greater the range you can contact ships and planets. If youīre poorly equipt you may loose the signal...
Also, if you build your ship to have a very large saucer section in comparison to the main hull of your ship, youīll need to put more RCS trhusters here to not compromise the turnrate of your ship.

Stations: Chose what kind of computer interfaces you want in your ships. All holographical like the odyssey or button and leavers like the delta flyer. Diffrent types perform diffrent depending on the suircomstances.

Random events: Life on a starship is full of surprises: Have chance accsidents that cause damage that your crew need to repair. Based on the equimplent you have placed in your ship the damage is more or less severe.

Mounts: While itīs fun to run on planets or bajor, it does not seem so large scale as many players want. Each player can craft or purchace mounts such as planet based shuttles, cars and bikes, to move around the map faster and with more fun.

Maps: Increase the size of all the ground maps so you can do what Star Trek is all about. Explore while on your mount, mine minerals, datasamples, atmospheric readings or plantlife and gain knowledge and supplies.

Living: build out the map on earth to include a chunk of san fransisco or other towns. You use your mount to move from starfleet headquarter to the city. When there you can to buy food, work out in the gym to increase you fitness and become stronger. Buy your own appartment or house and decorade it as you want, from plants (maybe from a alien
planet you visited and harvested) to furniture and kitchens/bathrooms. If you log out here you may gain some sort of rested time so that your charaters perform better when beeing called back to duty. Invite your friend and have a party or take some time to hug a partner while home. A bookshelf/computer can be used to learn new things that you can apply to the other parts of the game. Study Daboo and become better, or space anamolies to look up where to go next. Or just read a cookbook and become better at cooking and create foos that have special properties.
- Or rent your quarters or ESD or DS9 for a monthly fee (c-points, EC or GPL)

Diplomacy: Add more diplomacy missions and cunduct meeting on your ship or other planets. If it goes well, you earn diplomacy skills and you will become better. A key-part of ST.

Interior missions: We would love to spend more time inside our ships. Here is a great oppertunity for proffesstion based missions. Schience officers may do missions that improve sensors, DPS mission to improve their shipīs damage, and engineers to improve the amount of damage they can take. This may work togheter with the layout of your ship and itīs current equipment.

Sets: equip various parts around your ship in diffrent system to gain set bouns.

Crew morale: All the installed equipment will help your crew stay focused and happy. but if to many accidents happen, or you are long overdue for a visit to a starbase, the morale will start to fall, taking you ship effectivness with it. If you equip a powersystem that is not adequate for your ship, random powerfailures will occur and spook up your crew. if they are scared, the morale drops and the might rob the armery in panic and blow a hole in the side of you ship...

Chose what type of equipment you want your crew to have. All TOS communicators and tricorders to the latest in Starfleet R&D.

Relatonships: While you can have a partner at home it would be fun to have friendships and diffrent types of
relationships on your ship with the crew. Some might love you, or some may hate others and starts fights. Decipline them or encurage them if they do good things.

Minigame: Are really funny! More! Add study games to learn more and increase your skills or just for fun.

Confrence: Prepeare for the mission by attending a senior officer confrence. As a reward you can get a readyness skill of some kind.

Mining: You may need to mine materials other then datasamples in order to make your ship just like you want it.
Travel to diffrent planets, mine minerals or trade for supplies.

Crafting: Add more things to craft. From mounts to tailor your own uniform from plantlife.
Craft food for you and your pets, and cook it.
fishing or digging for worms might be good for klingons.

Starbases: Add more starbases in-game. Here you can live, perform the adjustments to your ship, rapair, heal yourself and your bridgeofficers, stock up on fuel and supplies. When Fleet starbases enter the game, you can live on the base, and work there do develop new techknowlogy and build ships or engineer components and consoles.

Pets: when you are exploring you are bound to encounter anaimals. Tame one and have it as you pet. But youīll need to take care of it. Feed it, give it bath even if it hates it...

Study: Take classes at starfleet academy to learn new querks and gain knowledge.
Attend classified meetings to learn how the war i going and any new intel on the Undie.
Or hold lectures to lear cadets, By multiple choice chatīs you can eighter give them much needed knowledge, or you donīt make any sense at all if you say the wrong things. In that case, they might get up and leave.
Attend other players classes where they tell you stuff and share ideas in in-game forums on a speaking (chatting) term.

Experimental equipment: Test the latest from Starfleet R&D if you dare. The results might be nice equipment, but it may also destroy your ship if there is a designissue that the R&D people did not anticipate.

Decepline: When you perform various tasks around the galaxy, your doings have impercussions. If you mess up a
negotiation mission, you might find your self in fron of a superior officer getting diceplined or removed from duty or call to spend an hour or two in the brig. On the other hand, if you do a mission by the book you will be rewarded. This goes not only for the diplomacy mission, but numerous of diffrent tasks. If you play to much daboo then might question you if you have a problem and sentence you to counsceling. (however that is spelled)