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03-13-2012, 02:22 PM
Originally Posted by Cecil0812 View Post
I agree with this but even with all these fixes, I'm not really inclined to play Foundry Missions.

As someone else said, most missions are a crap shoot with poor spelling, grammar, and basic competence in writing that leaves much to be desired.

As such, I just have zero motivation to even touch the Foundry, despite the whole Foundry spotlight which ostensibly finds good missions for me.

To me, the Foundry isn't a substitute for content. It just isn't and it never will be. Sorry
The other problem is that I have been explicitly told by Cryptic that playing foundry missions is a waste of time. I do not get any dilithium or other rewards (except 1400 per day, which I do using the BS 5-second farm missions), and it has been so ingrained in me through their new economic model that if I am not getting dilithium or other substantial reward for my time in-game, I may as well log off and play a more worthwhile title.