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I finally saved up enough C-store credits and bought a Tactical escort retrofit the other day. First thing I did was throw that cloaking device in the bank, where it will forever gather virtual dust, because I've never found a reason to use it yet (I don't PVP.)

I'm not sure if there are any actual tactical bonuses over having a fleet escort though. Both give the same weapon bonuses, but the fleet has a larger crew compliment which makes repairing my hull go comparably faster.

I don't have enough BOFF slots to assign a 3rd tactical officer to fill the ensign tactical console. I'm not sure how much that's gonna help though.. maybe I'll get the skill that redistributes my shields accordingly. Already have spread cannon and spread torpedo skills. Don't need anything relating to beam weapons.

Anyway, my biggest problem I'm finding so far is the retrofit is *TOO FAST*, by which I mean it's hard for me to keep the correct angle for my DHCs to fire. It twists and turns so fast that I"m losing out on DPS by not being able to compensate fast enough. I'm thinking of going back to my Fleet escort if there's no real difference in DPS output between the two.