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03-13-2012, 03:32 PM
Originally Posted by Jeff-El
It's true we don't know what happened, but in my opinion, the ship isn't nearly old enough to be decommissioned. It's roughly 40 years old, and it's predecessor, the Galaxy class, was designed to run for 100 years, according to the TNG technical manual.

IMO, lost or destroyed are the most logical options.
the Enterprise A was decomissioned after a very short time due to the excelsior far outperforming it.

It's not about whether the ship has been built to last when it comes to the flagship of Star Fleet. It's about that ship being the best and most advanced in the fleet. This is why The Enterprise B was an Excelsior class ship.

IMO decommissioned seems most likely. The wars are ramping up, Star Fleet has very few powerful allies and it's becoming apparent that they must fight it alone. A new class of ships built to weather this storm makes sense and a new flagship at the point would fit in with that mold.