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03-13-2012, 04:02 PM
Originally Posted by Xautos
ENT & ENT-A was 20 years out of date compared to newer ships for it's time, Miranda and Excelsior, there were calls for it to be retired yet it endured until its destruction. why would you throw out a perfectly good ship even if it's old?

The ENT-E has many more years left on its clock which is the point since it was just out of drydock with upgrades then it was sent to investigate a starbase...
In the case of the Enterprise-A, the most common theory is that the Khitomer Accords called for a reduction of military forces in both the KDF and the Federation. The Constitution-class ships, being some of the older ships in service, were probably hacked away at first as a result to make room for the newer Excelsior-class ships.

That's just a theory though.