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03-13-2012, 06:17 PM
Originally Posted by telesin
You're kidding, right? Didn't the entire set of skills (along with a number of other things) get a total revamp early this year or late last? And now the devs are working on revamping systems yet again?

At some point you need to stop stirring the pot, and consider if you need more salt, pepper, or other ingredients to liven it up. Continually messing with the equation is a Bad Thing (tm), especially in a F2P game where people have to spend money over and over to re-do their characters and gear, because some crafty dev decided they wanted to change everything.
This is one of the things that destroyed Star Wars Galaxies. Every time players got used to one change, SOE would change things up again. People got tired of revamp after revamp... Oh... and Contet was the big problem over there as well. They claimed that the NGE was going to make it easier to add content, and yet it took them a year and a half AFTER the NGE to deliver the first Heroic mission (AKA Raid)

I never thought anyone would beat SOE at sucking at content delivery, but Cryptic has done it by seven months.

An ending note, and this one is deadly serious: I left Runes of Magic because they continually implemented "planned obsolescence". Every 3-6 months I had to go out and fetch/quest/raid for new gear, because my old was totally obsolete due to new introductions. In a normal subscription-based MMO that isn't a big deal, because none of it costs anything. With a cash shop, it means I'm paying out the nose every 3-6 months to do upgrades. People catch on to that quick - I did and couldn't leave fast enough. They lost my purchasing power, and soon after I left so did my guild - all 100+ of us.

Be careful you don't implement planned obsolescence.
Actually, this is less of an issue in STO even if they go that route. Nothing is bought without C-points, and The Dilithium excchange allows them to be obtained without spending a dime of real life money. And besides. Sales of C-store stuff is their primary source of revenue since they cannot be bothered to make gold membership truly worth it over silver membership.

If they sell access to playable content (not direct gear purchases) on the C-store, then I would buy C-points for it. I want to pay for the game. But I want to pay for it at my own pace. If I'm not ready for content pack 3 because I either have not finished content pack 2, or am running short of ny disposable income, then the option not to buy it should be there.

This is one of those cases where instances can serve this game very well. I can go to Bajor and I have the option to beam down or do Episode 2 of the 2800, if I haven't done it yet. You take your unlockable content associated with a planet and have it where the option to enter it doesn't show up unless you've unlocked it. If you have, you get the option to just beam down or begin/continue [content name].

If they could hire enough people to produce ONE MISSION per week and charge silver players 300CP per character for it (silver) or allow free access to it (gold), then there would be a viable recurring product that silvers get to opt in on if they want it.

Yes. Monetize the content. Give us something regular to opt in for.

In the event that Cryptic misses a week's mission, let them charge 225 CP for mission unlocks and go back to regular price the following week when the mission releases.