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We will be bringing the Tribble server down for maintenance to apply a new update.

  • Removed Brace for Impact from Jem'Hadar shield set power to avoid unintended interactions with Duty Officer powers.
  • Recduced turn rate buff for the flagship set bonus.
  • The windows were reinstalled on the Bortasqu’.
  • The Odyssey Advanced Cruiser will now appropriately display in the tailor.
  • Made some updates to the Odyssey Advanced Cruiser saucer and some windows so they'll look better when saucer separated.
  • Updated the Work Bee heal power so it properly uses the player’s hull repair skill.
  • The bridges for both the Bortasqu’ and the Oddyssey Advanced Cruiser are now fully functional and ready to be seen.
  • Updated the display name of some space plasma weapons that were missing their suffixes.
  • Added preview images for the Bortasqu’ and Odyssey Advanced Cruiser bridges for the ship tailor.

Known Issues:
  • All powers that grant Teleport Immunity will cause the player's ship to lock in place.