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03-13-2012, 08:15 PM
In combat 125 weapons power more useful especially with DHC's. 125 Engine power is only really good for running or chasing.

i'd also recommend EPS consoles, they are quite useful after long impulse burns and swapping power levels as required. For example: quickly dumping additional power levels to your Aux will improve your only hull heal.

I personally don't use RSP, it's the long cooldown and doesn't offer dmg res. I can't speak for everyone but most the good pvper's i know think it is a bit of a waste. Don't forget as an engineer you can generate shields with rotate. Aux to SIF is good in that spot.

Then again you do prioritise your power levels differently to how I would. I go all power to weapons and the left over goes into Aux. The big reason for this is it's affordable to max out the T4 engine and shield skills which give 9 extra points into energy levels.