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03-13-2012, 09:37 PM
Originally Posted by Xautos
Besides you cant officially name a ship until you know its destroyed, what happens if the ENT-E suddenly comes back at a critical moment as the ENT-F is about to be destroyed? that would shoot the fox as it were and expose Shon and his crew as frauds.
The following quote is taken from the website a website in Canada that proves that the previous quote by Xautos is in fact fallacious from a historical perspective on Earth:

Currently no two registered vessels in Canada may have the same name. In past Shipping Registers some common names were in use by several vessels simulataneously. Licenced vessels may use the same names - and even the same name as that of an existing registered vessel as these names are not 'official'. This can be very confusing for the researcher.
Additionally one could argue that even if the U.S.S. Enterprise E were not destroyed, simply decommissioning it the same way as happened with the U.S.S. Enterprise A, would by proxy allow the commissioning of the next letter in the Alphabet as far as that ship is concerned.