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03-13-2012, 09:36 PM
Originally Posted by JohNyNorMuS View Post
I guess you can't be honest with your pod cast if you want to get devs on. I liked it better when STOKED was truthful about missions and content.

The final mission (Boldly they Rode) had a ton of bugs and not even a single mention of any of them. The final space fight was so horrible and dog piley. On the ground of DS9 my tac officer couldn't even use his security team and basically had to rambo thru most the mobs. Hypos still healed for only half their value if that most of the time.

The whole FE was defiantly a step down from previous FE's. It was incredibly tedious and after this, frankly, I don't care if they do any more of them. The quality just wasn't there. We're back to push it now and patch it later. Classic Cryptic!
While I appreciate your honesty regarding the FE, we here at stoked are aware of the bugs and/or seemingly unbalanced/incomplete nature of the recent missions. You are not alone in your perceptions of this series. We have heard the same from others. Understand that our play through review was an on the spot first impressions review. I know some were not impressed and some were blown away.

I do feel your pain with the tac issue having experienced it today and will be submitting my findings to geko when I have compiled a complete report. Please let us know about any other bugs or issues you find by emailing us a and thanks for watching stoked.