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03-13-2012, 10:45 PM
Originally Posted by C_Carmichael View Post
Major Win = J-man return to the studio. (Yes, I know, it was just a visit)

Major Fail = Odyssey Bridge is hardcoded to the Odyssey only. Not useable on other ships.

That bridge is the sole redeeming quality of the Odyssey that would have made it purchaseable for me, so as to use the bridge on another ship. In all frankness I hate the Odyssey. It's way too big for my tastes, the neck portion looks strange, and it's just a whale of a ship. But the bridge, was awesome.

Oh well, guess I don't need to get any C-Points for that now.

When might we start seeing some mid-size and small ships at Tier 5 that follow the more conventional Starfleet design? (Saucer, Primary Hull, 2 Nacelles) instead of all the ships either being super cruisers that turn like tree sap in winter, or odd ball ships that look like fighter jets, submarines or just about anything but a Starfleet ship?
I will start looking into seeing what tasty bits I can get regarding future ship designs. Thanks for watching.