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03-14-2012, 12:08 AM
Originally Posted by Koopa27 View Post
Remove it with a sci team. For me its never a huge deal. If I'm flying in a setup team other guys have a sci team if needed. If I'm flying solo then I either carry sci team or I don't. Sometimes SNB can be what does you in, most of the time in random arenas its not anything to go crazy over.

Tac escorts have the tac initiative to keep the damage going, a Sci in anything should have a sci team, and Engys in cruisers if setup right will shrug off SNB.

Crazy OMG overpowered? No. Awesome thing to use that can change the fight? Yes. OMG RUN ITS A SCI WITH SNB!! No.
No one said the debuff is the problem...

The problem is that it removes ALL CURRENT BUFFS... imba.