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03-14-2012, 02:33 AM
Originally Posted by Captmorgan101472
Well, its a battleship, if that's what you want. I am a tac officer, so my love is the Defiant class. I have a retro Defiant and really love it. My friend has a Galaxy, not a Galaxy X, but a Galaxy and he can never beat me in pvp. That big Galaxy turns like its stuck in mud and I just fly circles around him pounding him hard. I heard that the big X's turn rate is even worse than the Galaxy. That massive spinal phaser canon could never tag me. You tractor me and I hit polarize hull, and off I go. So I guess it depends if you want a slow battleship or a fast destroyer.
Flying circles around a Galaxy should not take you out of weapons range, in fact you should be in range of 3 or more beams at all times while fighting a Galaxy. I have all sorts of questions but my biggest is if it's a fair fight? A Galaxy is a T4 ship, a Defiant Retro is a T5. Are you a higher level than him? Does he only have MK 7/8 gear on his ship? Does he run a PVP setup?

I just don't see how your getting out of this unscathed if he knows what he is doing.

And all Galaxy class ships T4, T5 R, T5 X have 6 degrees a second for their turn rate.

To the Original Poster:
Personally I fly an Assualt and I think it would be hard for me to go back to a Galaxy or to an Oddessy.

Now if you love the ship it will do you fine in PVE or PVP if you gear it correctly, but I would wait for the Galaxy Pack to come out (Sometime this month). As for the Kar'fi check the Klingon Forums they would be more helpful, I've seen em do some real Damage in STF's but I'm not a Carrier type of guy.