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03-14-2012, 01:42 AM
Originally Posted by Cyell
I love the dread, both from the game and the show. However I would not suggest it to everyone, especially since it costs so much and is probably one of the most limiting ships in the game. By limiting, I mean you're basically stuck using phasers because of the spinal lance. Any other weapon is just gimping yourself. It is also a prohibitively slow turner, so 3/5 of your space doffs will be conn officers, thus not allow you to experiment much with doff setups. Lastly because of the lance only has a 45 def frontal arc, the ship favors forward weapons more so than than beam boat. And since it is so slow, most people find it too frustrating (pointless if you're doing pvp) to use DHC, so usually it ends up being single cannons. The up side is if anyone in pvp makes a mistake and ends up in front of you, you can kill it in a single shot; although this is much LESS lilkely since you're sci and not tac.

TLDR version: No, I wouldn't suggest it.
This is 'generally' bad advice, I know Cyell uses his cruiser as a 4xsingle cannon + 4xturret, build, but unless you can stack multi copies of CRF1 (e.g 2 Lt Tac BOffs) then the beam boat is 'prolly' more user friendly, yes the 4c/4t build does more dmg in each of its 90deg port and starboard arcs than the beam does in its 70 broadside arcs, but.... rear dmg is bad with turrets and nothing else.

If PvP, use 7 beams,
If PvE ONLY use 4 cannons, 4 turrets