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03-14-2012, 02:28 AM
The usefulness of SNB is the symptom, not the disease, in my opinion. The underlying problem is that the difference between an unbuffed and a fully buffed ship is simply extreme. Offensive buffs allow an escort to tear through ANY undefended ship under a second. Defensive buffs allow a cruiser to not die, ever. In the current system, if you don't have something to break the latter with, highly skilled PvP teams would have 0-0 matches against each other that only end after everyone has quit in frustration/boredom.

Compare T5 and T2 PvP and you can see that baseline HP and damage stats matter more in the latter, while the former is mostly about stacking buffs. It's clear that with all the additional BOFF slots and captain abilities, damage capability and heal/resist capability increases at a much greater rate in higher tiers than hull and shield HP does.

If it were up to me, I'd decrease the magnitude of all buffs (or introduce diminishing returns on similar effects, and make it more severe where it already exists), revise ship tiers to put the BOFF distribution of each tier closer to where T3 is now (this can't happen in a game that sells ships with unique seating in the store of course, but a man can dream), and introduce some sort of attrition mechanic for hull healing (basically, a percentage of damage taken would "stick", so your effective maximum hitpoints would decrease as long as you keep taking damage - this way even the most resilient ships could be taken down eventually).