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03-14-2012, 04:48 AM
Originally Posted by Zahalu
Miracle Worker is a great ability and seems to work just fine without being imbalanced.

80% extra damage is great in ideal situations, but when ur target is blows RSP in response to your GDF, well ur just hammering against full shields.

However, with subnuc you can remove all the buffs from a target and your team can then just blow the target up regardless.

I don't think it's right for one Sub Nuc to be able to remove tac team, RSP, emergency power to shields, emergency power to weapons, aux to SIF, and hazards, all in one shot. Then a second Sci on a team just adds to the imbalance.

If the ability removed 2-3 buffs, then it would not be so bad to get hit with Sub Nuc after Sub Nuc... it makes having two more important as well.
Then what? GDF lasts for 60 seconds, RSP like 6. That's 54 more seconds of crazy damage output.

And if you have all those buffs on you and you're completely defenseless after getting hit with SNB, you're doing it wrong and panicked when you got attacked. You're supposed to spread out your defensive buffs and rotate them so at least one or two is always up all the time instead of having 30 seconds of stacked defense then nothing.