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03-14-2012, 06:20 AM
I especially liked the Breen missions and "The 2800". It also may have something to do with the space set you get out of them.

The 2800 was a nice mix of combat and "roleplay".

"Second wave": The cutscenes could have been made better. But I liked that you have to persuade the faction ambassadors to join you. If only it had some real consequences afterwards.

"Of Bajor": Well this mission had something to offer for everyone. Diplomatic multiple choice, space combat, ground combat, story telling. I really don't understand why everybody seems to dislike it. Probably because everybody had to do at least something they don't like. Well and there was all this running back and forth.

"Operation Gamma": I love shuttle missions. So you got me with that one. Although it was kind of odd you can chose to destroy the Ferengi ship without consequences. Starfleet surely wouldn't be pleased!

"Facility 4028": Great scenery! Fighting Jem'Hadar, Humans, Undine, Klingons, Gorn, Ferengi, ... all in the same mission. It was really fun. Besides having a Changeling as an ally is new.

"Boldly they rode": Come on, a space walk mission. Who wouldn't like that? Well there are some open questions, like if they where able to transport you on top of DS9, why didn't they put you right next to a hach by the Operations level? But hey, it would have been much less fun.