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03-14-2012, 07:03 AM
Originally Posted by junkknight
Good stuff! but I've actually come up with my own solution for the graphics displaying black boxes on 3d objects. Its a problem relating to the AA (antialising) for which I have found two possible solutions 1) disable AA or 2) running it in full screen windowed mode actually lets AA be on without graphics problems, bare in mind though that this may significantly reduce performance.
yeah, the only reasons why I didn't put that in the solutions is really let's face it, AA on looks better and full screen windowed mode can really be annoying for people as it takes away from some of the immersion to the game. With how simple it is to revert back to a stable driver set and not having to worry about performance reductions.

I actually started this thread hoping someone would make it a sticky thread. These problems are so simple to fix and since they actually have nothing to do with problems with the game itself it would be so much easier for people to have a one stop thread for solutions. I've seen probably about 20 different threads all for the graphics blocking (pixalization) with more showing up everyday and it's just a simple buggy driver from AMD/ATI.

Not only would this be the perfect one stop thread for solutions but it would make it much easier to address any new issues if people would just post them in a reply here rather than creating whole new threads that might not get seen or would get duplicated 20 times over.