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03-14-2012, 07:32 AM
Originally Posted by superchum View Post
The game went Pay to Win with the Galaxy X. It's just now crossing the absolute minimum line that some folks set. But we've been on this path for over a year.
Originally Posted by Sprint01
To be fair, the GX was also sort of gimped when it first launched. 4/3 weapons, horrible turn rate, etc. They've tweaked it since launch.
Sry the G-X was never a pay to win ships. Most pilots failed desperatly in her. For all her benefits she had to pay her prices.

Not so the Odysee. Its simply better then the other, no downsides ti speak of.
And no, the low turnrate isnt really that much of a downside, beside the Excelsior and Souvereign all cruisers had low turnrates. Escorts depend on turnrate, scis with deflector abilitys depend on turnrate. For cruisers (that cant even equip cannons) a low turnrate is a minor inconvenience at best.